Number Title Date Rescinded▼
13.13Leave Policies10-22-2018
13.10Other Employment07-11-2018
30.07International Travel to Destination with State Department Warning04-23-2018
13.04Attendance at Classes: Teaching Faculty08-30-2017
91.109Dissent, Disruption and Academic Freedom08-30-2017
10.07Veterans Administration: Students07-02-2017
32.01Mississippi State University Library03-23-2017
12.19Undergraduate Academic Amnesty03-23-2017
56.02Outside Employment Policy and Approval Process07-25-2016
79.04Crisis Management Plan for (Biomedical) Animal Care and Use10-26-2015
11.02Non-Degree Classification Special10-26-2015
91.209Financial Policies for Student Organizations - Accounts08-25-2015
12.31Freshman Course Loads08-25-2015
91.118Sexual Misconduct08-25-2015
12.35Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities07-27-2015
91.130Guidelines for Documentation of Students with a Specific Learning Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), or a Psychiatric/Psychological Disord07-27-2015
91.121Students with Disabilities07-27-2015
12.13Academic Records06-22-2015
91.176Administrative Fee for International Students06-22-2015
10.06Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment)06-22-2015
10.13The Adoption and Sale of Textbooks and Related Educational Material12-17-2014
91.307Policies for Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations for the Campus and Streets of Mississippi State University08-27-2013
21.02Research & Special Skill Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree07-26-2013
12.27College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)03-11-2013
01.02Required Signature Levels for Expenditure Documents (Incorporated into Nonpersonnel Expenditure Approval 01.08)11-27-2012
03.04Sexual Misconduct11-22-2012
79.07Compliance Regarding Crisis Planning For Biosafety09-25-2012
62.04Employee Payments - Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporations04-23-2012
65.01MSU Printing, Mail Services and Office Supply at Mississippi State University04-17-2012
61.02Salary Adjustments: Staff Positions02-27-2012
12.07Honor Code (Included in Honor Code Council Procedure)06-27-2011